Quality Guarantee

NaMi is a first-level supplier based in Seoul, South Korea. All products come directly from the manufacturer,

with the legal sales qualification certificate and the factory certificate and the inspection report of the FDA. Since 2015 began to expand the market in the U.S., NaMi beauty for big electronic retailing, entity shops, all levels of distributors supply Korean makeup products and accept all the customers for up to two years of quality goods inspection, no any fakes issue. Na Mi is committed to selling only genuine products and the concept of good faith management, to ensure that the clients of NaMi receive the authentic products with quality assurance. If the replacement of the new packaging for individual products make you have any doubts. Please feel free to contact our customer service. We will provide relevant instructions for you.

If a brand or its authorized third party identifies the product as a fake, Amy promises to return a 10-fold (10 times product value).